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12 Signs He Is The One For You

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You love him, but you’re not quite sure if he’s really the one you want to be with for the “foreseeable future.”
You’re confused. You’ve never had “the one” before and you don’t know how to interpret your feelings for him.
Don’t worry. I’ve got your back!
So how can you find out if this guy is “Your Guy”  without asking him super awkward questions?
Sometimes it can be difficult trying to decipher your emotions, but hopefully, this little write-up will help you decide if this guy is your soul mate, or if you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

1. You Picture a Great Future With Him

Yes, we ladies always like to picture an awesome future with our boyfriends, but do you really feel that you’re going to have a real future with this guy?
Sure, it’s fun to fantasize and imagine great things happening, but we have to throw away our fantasy caps and think rationally – do you really picture a future with this guy?

2. You Confide In Him

You tell him things that you’d never tell anybody else. You feel like you can discuss anything and everything with him, no matter how embarrassing it is for you. If you’re able to tell him about your worst fears in life, what you hate about your best friend or anything of that nature, then there’s a good chance he’s the one for you.

3. You Want Him To Get Along With Your Family

You do your best to make your parents like him, and for him to like your parents. By doing so, you’re subconsciously thinking to yourself, I want my family and him to get along because I know we are going to be together for a long, long time.

4. You Always Think Of Him First

You don’t do things without asking. In other words, you respect him as a human being and you let him know that he’s never alone.

5. If He’s Down, You’re Down

And if he’s happy, you’re happy. Couples who are close share the same feelings, emotions, and moods. So if you are feeling a bit down, maybe it’s because your boyfriend is feeling a bit gloomy today. Cheer him up and you’ll cheer yourself up.

6. When You Argue, You Want To Work Things Out With Him

You don’t just leave problems to fester and get worse. When there’s a disagreement or a big problem, you two work it out and you don’t stop until a mutual agreement has been met.

7. You Can Truly Relax Around Him

You don’t have to put up a weird front like you do with strangers. When you’re with him, you act 100 percent like yourself and your interactions don’t feel forced.
Couple reading
Comfortable silence!

8. The Silence Is Comfortable

There’s no such thing as an awkward silence. When you feel compelled to talk to someone to feel comfortable, you’re not being yourself. Refer to #7 again.

9. You Are Incredibly Sexually Attracted to Him

You want him to ravage you on a regular basis. You yearn for him at times. And, on top of all this, you do your best to please him as well!
No relationship is complete without a healthy sex life, and your sex life with “The One” has got to be great sex.

10. He Makes You A Better Individual

I’m not saying that he turns you into a saint or anything, but he pushes you further. When you don’t feel like doing any work, he says something that will drive you to focus. He helps you make the right decisions and he supports you.

11. There’s No Stopping The Laughter

You know he’s the one when there are always some laughs to be had. Yes, being with “The One” means you laugh together. It doesn’t matter if he isn’t the funniest guy on Earth. It matters that he knows how to laugh … and that he tries to make you laugh.

12. He Bends Over Backwards To Make You Happy

He goes overboard to make sure that you get what you want. If you’re sick, he’ll make you chicken soup and bring your favorite blanket. If your pet hamster dies, he brings you a bouquet of flowers.
So there you have it, ladies. I’m not saying that this list is the be-all, end-all, but if he’s showing the majority of these signs, then there’s a good chance that this guy is the one for you!
But look, if your relationship isn’t at this point yet, then don’t worry. Every relationship doesn’t always have to start off with a bang. Sometimes it takes a while for you to get there. And sometimes, it can take years.
So if he isn’t doing everything on this list, then there’s no need to worry.

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