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15 Fun Date Ideas (And Exciting, Too!)

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Going out on fun dates is something couples need to do more often!
It’s proven that having a healthy amount of fun is essential for a relationship to be healthy. If one partner gets bored, then it’s likely that the relationship is going downhill, and the very best way to remedy this situation … is with more fun!
But now is the best time to be creative. You’ve already done the whole “dinner and a movie” thing before. Sure, that kind of stuff is still very enjoyable (even for me), but you can’t just keep doing the same things over and over again.
I love apple pie, but if I ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for about a week, I’d probably cry!
Here’s a list of 15 fun and exciting date ideas!

1. Go Taste Some Awesome Wines!

Going to local wineries is surprisingly extremely romantic. I bet you that there is a local winery nearby that offers some great-tasting wines. I’m a sucker for dates where you can truly interact with your partner, and wine-tasting is one of the better activities out for this.
Couple holding each other in Chinatown
Chinatown is kind of like a “miniature getaway”!

2. Go to Chinatown or Your Little Italy

Don’t have enough time to travel to China or Italy? Then head over to your Chinatown or Little Italy for a pseudo getaway! But don’t just dine there — there are tons of little, cool shops and grocery stores that are pretty fun and neat!

3. Take a Class Together

The possibilities are endless with this one! Look online. There are a ton of cool, fun classes you can take together. Pottery? Photography? Horse back riding? Cooking? Find something you’re both interested in!

4. Check Out a Local Event

Craigslist has been getting a pretty bad reputation lately, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. You can find a ton of cool, local events! Just last week, me and my boyfriend found an outdoor play that was showing near our apartment. It was awesome!

5. Go Geo-Caching

What the heck is that? Geo-caching is sort of a game where people post the locations of their treasures online, and what you have to do is drive around looking for them using handheld GPS devices. Sound messed up? It really isn’t — it’s actually pretty fun.

6. Volunteer Together

Find a cause you both are passionate about, and do it. Not only will you two be able to get closer to each other, but you’ll also be doing your community a huge favor!
Good karma never hurts! Plus, it’s a great way to meet new couples.
The Coliseum in Rome
Make your place look like the Colosseum!

7. A Night Out in Rome, Italy!

Save a bunch of money and take the next flight to… okay, I’m kidding here. Here’s a much cheaper (and almost just as fun) option: decorate your apartment like they would in Italy! Make it romantic, then cook an awesome Italian dinner.

8. Check Into a Motel

It doesn’t have to be fancy, either. Just bring a cooler full of drinks. Bring some wine. Bring some snacks. And bring a romantic movie! Sometimes just changing the scenery is a great way to churn up some romance.

9. Be a Kid Again

Go to a playground and have some fun on the swings. Maybe go to a theme park. Or do my favorite childhood activity — fly a kite! Not only will you definitely have a lot of fun with your partner, but you might even get some exercise at the same time!

10. Play a Game!

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most fun. Play a board game with some friends. Play some video-games together. Or if you want to go out, go play pool, bowl, or grab some putters and go mini golfing.

11. Burn the Midnight Oil with a Telescope

There’s something really cool about just laying on a blanket at night in a grassy field and watching the stars. Yes, it’s super cheesy. Yes, it’s totally cliché and unoriginal. But there’s no denying how magical it feels once you’re under the stars and you’re snuggling with the one you love.

12. Do Something “Fruity”

If it’s summer time, go to an orchard and pick some fruit.

13. Get Down and Dirty — Time to Man Up!

This is a bit of a weird one, but it can be fun and very productive! Try working on a project at home. Is there a room that needs to be painted? Is there a dinner table that needs fixing? Put on your work pants and goggles and help each other out. It’ll make the task more enjoyable.

14. Create Something Together

This one is sort of like date idea #13. But instead of fixing something, make something beautiful. Buy a bunch of oil paints and a canvass then paint something together! Or pickup a guitar and try and write a silly song together.

15. Go laugh

Laughing is one of the best aphrodisiacs. Go to a comedy club and just have a great time laughing with other people!
So there you go — hopefully you can put one of these ideas to good use (or build on another original dating idea!).

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