3 Signs She’s Attracted To You

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You bump into a girl at the bar. You start chatting her up. Things are going well …
or are they?
It can often be extremely difficult to tell whether a women is genuinely interested in you, or whether she’s just being polite. Girls are notoriously subtle when it comes to giving off  the signs of attraction, but there are a few things you can look for.

chatting in club1. Signs She Wants To Chat With You

If you’re still in the “eye contact” phase, here are some signs that indicate she’s interested in talking with you. If you see any of these signals, move in and open up a conversation.
  • She looks at you more than once, or you notice her making awkward eye contact several times.
  • She smiles or looks away in an awkward or embarrassed way after making eye contact.
  • When standing, she opens her body language to face you (i.e., she turns her body or torso towards you).
  • She touches her hair when she looks at you or makes eye contact with you.
  • While sitting down, she turns her legs or hips toward you.

2. Signs The Conversation Is Going Well

Ok, so you’ve managed to start chatting with this girl, and now you need to know whether or not the discussion is going well or whether it’s time to abandon ship.  Here are some things that indicate she’s enjoying the conversation and wants to keep it going.
  • She maintains an open body posture while you’re chatting.
  • She touches her hair, neck, or face while talking with you.
  • She asks your name and other personal details (where you’re from, what you do for work, etc.).
  • She asks you multiple questions, or provides lengthy responses to your questions.

3. Telltale Signs Of Sexual Attraction

If you’ve made it this far, then things are going well. But how can you be certain that she’s actually attracted to you in a romantic or sexual way? How can you be sure that you’re safe to make your next move? Look for a combination of these signs:
  • Couple enjoying each otherShe engages in casual, flirty touching or doesn’t move away when you touch her.
  • She moves closer to you, or seems perfectly comfortable talking with you in close quarters.
  • She maintains strong eye contact, even ignoring other people and/or her friends to look at you.
  • She laughs at your crappy jokes and continues chatting with you even when the conversation is dry or dull.
  • She asks about your girlfriend / wife, or asks if you’re single.
  • She buys you a drink.
  • Her pupils are noticeably dilated (compare her pupils to others nearby).
  • She leans in towards you or moves closer to you even when you’re already within talking distance.
  • She makes any suggestion that the two of you should move elsewhere (another table, a different bar, out for food, etc.).
  • She lets her friends leave and doesn’t go with them.
If you see a combination of several of the above signs, then chances are you’ve done very well and this girl is definitely attracted to you.
Some of this may seem obvious, but a lot of guys fail to notice the signs of attraction and jump ship too early.
When you know what to look for, you’re already well on your way to success.