6 Ways To Be More Handsome

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A lot of guys seem to think that “being handsome” or being “good looking” is something that’s determined by genetics.
Many guys assume that if they practice basic hygiene, wear decent clothes, and choose a ‘trendy’ hairstyle, they’ve done everything in their power to look good and make themselves appealing to the opposite sex.
An attractive young manIn reality, this general belief that you can’t make yourself better looking is a complete and utter fallacy.
There are literally hundreds of techniques you can use to improve your appearance and make yourself more handsome, and many of them are simply things you can do in the comfort of your own home.
In fact, there are so many things you can do and change in your everyday life to make yourself more handsome and more appealing to the ladies that I wrote an entire book on the subject.
It’s called The Handsome Factor Appearance Transformation System, and it’s essentially the ultimate guide for any man looking to transform himself from “dud” to “stud.”
Don’t worry, though — you don’t have to read my program to get in on these techniques.  In this article, I’ll share with you 6 things you can do right now to enhance your sex appeal and be more handsome.  Let’s get started:

Do Looks Actually Matter For Men?

You may have heard many claims that looks don’t matter for men.  They argue that “women aren’t attracted to a man based on his looks, and even the ugliest dude can get laid by a supermodel.”
Relatively small differences in a person’s looks translate regularly into big consequences in life. (Gordon L. Patzer, Ph.D. source)
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that is completely a blatant lie.  These “experts” were probably trying to sell you something when they said that women don’t care about a man’s appearance (if not, then they were just very misinformed!).
The reality is this: just like you would prefer to sleep with Megan Fox over that average-looking chick who works at Wal-Mart, women use physical appearance as one of their criteria when choosing a man.
If women truly didn’t care about appearance, why do you think Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds are on the cover of every women’s magazine?  Why does the handsome football player always date the gorgeous cheerleader?
Now, don’t get me wrong:  women care about a lot more than just a guy’s looks, and even Quasimodo the hunchback might be able to get laid by a supermodel if he put in enough time and effort.
But how much easier do you think it is for a good-looking guy to win over that supermodel? Simply put, being handsome is a massive advantage when it comes to dating or sleeping with hot girls. 
A stack of moneyThe advantages of being handsome don’t stop at looks, either.  Researchers have proven that appearance has an impact on every aspect of your life. 
Numerous studies have revealed that better-looking people enjoy more successful careers, earn more money, have more friends, and tend to report higher overall levels of happiness.
Your appearance can even influence your chance of being found guilty in court!
Clearly, handsome men enjoy many advantages. So what can you do to improve your own looks and boost your sex appeal?

6 Ways To Make Yourself More Handsome

There are numerous things you can do to enhance your looks, but here are six that you can put into action right now from the comfort of your home:

1. Pick a Fashion Style and Stay Consistent

Even men who have an excellent fashion sense often make this common mistake:  They mix and match various “styles” of clothing, either in a single outfit or on separate days.  While this may not seem like a big deal, it can actually have a big impact on how others perceive your sense of style.
It’s best to have an overall idea of your “style” and only buy clothes that fit within it.  That means that if you wear a sharp-looking blazer and a collared shirt, you should wear slacks or dark-colored fitted jeans to match, not a pair of ripped and faded cargo pants.  It means that if you wear shorts and sandals on Monday, you should wear something casual on Tuesday, too — not a suit and tie.

2. Use Skin Care Products That Match Your Skin Type

Believe it or not, a lot of research goes into making skincare products (such as face wash cleansers and moisturizers).  As a result, most well-known skincare brands make products for each of the three different skin types:  oily, combination, and dry. Each has a different chemical makeup and will work best for those who have that particular skin type. 
If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t like to use any skincare products at all, that’s fine. But when you do decide to buy products to make your skin look healthier and more vibrant, buy one that matches your skin type!  (Don’t know what skin type you have? I’ve got a handy checklist to help you determine your skin type in my appearance transformation program.)

3. Use a Nose Hair Trimmer (Seriously)

Nose hair trimmerThink a nose hair trimmer is only for wrinkly old men with tufts of hair growing out their ears?  Think again.  A nose hair trimmer is designed to cut hairs near the base without any exposed blades that might cut your skin or rip out the hairs in a painful manner.
That makes the nose hair trimmer a perfect tool for grooming hair around your eyebrows, sideburns, earlobes, and yes, your nose.
Hey, no-one said being handsome was going to be a manly experience, but little details like this can make a big difference to your overall sex appeal.  And for less than $10 at your local pharmacy, why wouldn’t you want one in your bathroom cabinet?

4. Wear Clothes That Hide Your Genetic Flaws

Stylish pair of jeansMost of us do not enjoy flawless genetics.  Some dudes are tall and lanky, others are short and fat in the midsection.
Whatever your imperfections are, there’s almost certain to be a particular clothing style that is more flattering than others.
By knowing which styles of clothing, which colors, and which items look best for your body type, you can hide your flaws without any real effort.
What type of things am I talking about?  Well, overweight or pudgy guys should avoid wearing stripes, except for vertical pinstripes, which can actually help you look thinner.
Men packing a few extra pounds should also try to wear dark colors when possible as this makes your waistline look smaller.  And if you happen to more closely resemble a basketball player than a sumo wrestler, you should avoid tight clothing, as this will only make you look lankier.

5. Never Have Bad Breath Ever Again

We all know someone who has chronic halitosis (aka bad breath).  For most people, it’s something that can be easily cured.
The real keys to eliminating bad breath once and for all?  Simple: Stay hydrated at all times; brush your teeth and floss twice daily, use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue every morning before leaving the house; and chew sugar-free gum after meals if you can’t brush your teeth.
For most men, adding the tongue scraper to their dental hygiene routine and ensuring that they’re well-hydrated will prevent chronic bad breath.

6. Choose a Hairstyle That Matches the Shape of Your Face

A Square Face ShapeDid you know that there are a handful of different “facial shapes,” and that each shape is suited to specific hairstyles?  If not, you should consider taking a look at my book, where I outline all of the different face shapes (and show you how to identify which one you have) and describe which hairstyles suit each different shape.
If your face has an oblong shape, for instance, you’ll want to avoid spiky or tall hairstyles that accentuate the long and slender appearance of your face.  If your face is more square, you can definitely opt for a spiky or messy hairstyle, but you probably don’t want to opt for a buzz-cut.
Knowing roughly what your facial shape is and picking a hairstyle that compliments it will help add to your overall look, even if you may not notice the differences at first glance.

The Devil’s In The Details

As I mentioned above, your appearance has a huge influence on many aspects of life, especially when it comes to dating and sex.  So why not give yourself the best possible chance of success?  Why not do everything you can to make sure you’re a handsome stud every time you walk out the door?
In the end, it all comes to down the details — knowing the little tricks and techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routine to maximize your sex appeal and get an advantage over the rest of the pack.
When you add up all these simple details, the results are often significant.
For hundreds of other at-home techniques and methods you can use to make yourself as handsome and attractive as your genetics will allow, check out my website and sign up for my free style newsletter to get daily tips and suggestions.
And as always, if you want to comment on this article or offer your own style & fashion tips, please use the comments section below!