7 Ways To Be Romantic (And Make Her Want You)

What the hell is romance?
When women claim they want romance, men usually think of a few basic things: flowers, chocolate, fancy dinner, and sex. But if you ask any woman, it isn’t just that. If you ask a woman what romance means to them, I guarantee you she’ll say stuff like, “passion, fire, infatuation.”
In order to be truly romantic and be that man that she never, ever wants to leave, you have to think down to her level. You have to be romantic like how she defines it.
Any man can do this. Sure some men are more naturally gifted than others, but being romantic is a skill like anything else.
Now, I’m not going to go over the basics of being romantic (dressing well, smelling good, showering, etc.) because that would be a waste of your time. I’m going to teach you things that you may not have known — and hopefully, you’ll learn a lot of ways to make your woman swoon for you uncontrollably!
A candle setting romantic mood
Candles Set The Mood!

1. There’s A Reason Why Candle Lights Are Romantic

Yes, “candle-lit dinners” are a staple in the romance department. But low-light situations are scientifically proven to evoke certain emotions in people.
It’s scientifically proven that women are more likely to be calmer, more relaxed, and easily seduced in low-light situation.
Unlike men, women aren’t as visually-driven, they’re much more emotional.
Of course, this doesn’t mean she’ll automatically be seduced and feel that “passion and excitement,” but it will be far easier to make this happen when she’s settled.

2. Red, Red, Red, and Off to Bed

There are colours that are proven to evoke certain emotions in people. Red, for example, is a colour people associate with passion, desire, sex, and love. A room with red accents will help create this sexual environment.
Get her anything red — roses, balloons, stuffed animals, etc. Get her a box of chocolates with a red box … which brings me to number 3.

Romantic box of chocolate3. Chocolates = More Sex!

Yes, chocolates are proven to release certain neurotransmitters (serotonin, phenylethylamine, and endorphins) that make us happy. However, endorphins are also responsible for feelings of euphoria and also signal the release of sex hormones. 
Do chocolates make women horny? Yes. They do.
Part of being romantic is triggering sexual arousal and chocolates help immensely in this department. Not only that, but there are a ton of other foods that help make women hot and bothered — avocados, oysters, garlic, and honey are all proven to help turn women on

4. Take Your Time

This is romance. It’s not supposed to be rushed. Just like the hot, passionate sex that will ensue after your romantic moment with your love, it needs to be taken slow. Remember, everything we’re doing right now is designed to create an environment that is sensual and relaxing and rushing won’t help in this department. So take it slow.
007 pointing gun
James Bond is the romance master!

5. Act The Part

James Bond is looked upon as the quintessential “romantic man.” He’s mysterious, good looking, charming, funny, etc. He pretty much has all the ingredients a man needs to create romance. So what I’m trying to say here is … be James Bond.
Just kidding.
But you do need to take a page from the spy. Be calm. Be gentle with her. Be soft.
And even more along the lines of Mr. Bond, do something that she’ll never expect. Turn on some music and dance with her. Take her on a drive to somewhere secluded and just stare at the moon.
Cheesy is good here.

6. Make Love To Her

This is the epitome of romance, guys! So don’t forget that the art of lovemaking is what makes the night incredible.
Take things slow with this. Women love extended foreplay here, guys. So make sure you do this right. Make sure you pay attention to every part of her body. Women love this (I know I do).
Be a man in bed. Take the lead. Make sure you’re the one making love to her the way you want. So take control, but pace yourself.
And tease, tease, tease!

 7. Using Texting To Your Advantage

This is a big one and I guarantee you no guy out there really knows how to do this. I remember the days when my mom used to say, “Men don’t write love letters anymore!” She had a point. Men don’t anymore. And most time, when they do, they’re terrible. Bring back the passion with your words!