How To Look & Act Confident Around Girls

Showing authentic self-confidence is the best way to attract women
And the benefits of being confident extend way beyond sex and relationships.
Self-confidence is important for your career and your social life.
Important leaders in politics and business (as well as just about every “alpha male” personality you’ll ever meet) always give off an air of confidence to anyone they’re interacting with.
No one questions the importance of being confident and having self-esteem. So how come most guys actually do a terrible job of acting confident in social settings–especially around gorgeous women?
The truth is that they’re unable to overcome natural fear and shyness so they end up getting flustered and reverting to nervous habits.

How To Appear Confident Around Women

This article will offer you eight proven ways to look and act like a confident ‘alpha male’ around women.
While it may take time to learn how to believe in yourself and become truly self-confident, the tips below will help you look and act with self-confidence even if you’re still working on building genuine self-esteem.
So, without further ado, let’s dive into the eight ways you can portray self-confidence:

1. Proper Body Posture Conveys Self-Confidence

You can convey a lot about yourself simply through your posture. To appear confident, make sure you sit and stand straight, with your shoulders back and your chest out.
Don’t over-exaggerate this, because it can look very odd if you walk around with your chest puffed out, but make sure you avoid slouching in the company; keep your shoulders back and your head up at all times.
Ideally, you should make these body posture techniques a permanent change, not just something you do when around women.

Happy couple enjoying a conversation2. Confident Men Maintain Eye Contact

Timid guys who lack self-confidence will often do anything possible to avoid eye contact.
They’ll avert their gaze down to the floor, up at the ceiling, or anywhere other than the eyes of the person they’re speaking with.
Unless you want to look like a timid weakling, make eye contact with the person you’re speaking to!  You don’t need to have a staring contest with every girl you chat up at the bar, but you shouldn’t be afraid to look her in the eyes when you’re conversing.

3. Speak Loudly & Clearly

Remember: You’re an alpha male, and you expect others to listen when you speak.
By speaking loudly and clearly, you’ll make sure that anything you say comes across with authority and isn’t lost in the shuffle of a busy conversation.
Don’t take this too far and start yelling over other people just to get your point across — that’s immensely annoying — but you definitely want to make sure that your comments are made clearly and with purpose.

Woman approving of man's wardrobe4. Choose the Right Wardrobe

You can use your clothing and style to illustrate self-confidence. By choosing a wardrobe that’s slightly “edgy” or “trendy,” rather than a nondescript outfit that blends in with the crowd, you’re making a bold statement about your self-confidence.
If you wear something others wouldn’t normally consider because it’s a bit daring, you’re indicating that you’re a trendsetter who isn’t afraid to buck a trend. Being a leader in your personal fashion can help you stand out and look like a leader.

5. Look the Part And You’ll Feel Real Confidence

As my colleague Mark Belmont clearly described in his article on How to be Handsome, your appearance can make a huge difference to your overall confidence and self-esteem.
By tending to a few basic details before leaving the house, you’ll feel better about your appearance and find it easier to portray self-confidence as a result.

6. Confident Men Smile & Have A Positive Outlook

Negativity and an over-critical approach to social encounters send a message of self-doubt to those you’re interacting with. People who are truly confident don’t need to be critical or offensive to others because they’re completely satisfied with themselves as they are.
By smiling and maintaining a positive outlook during conversations with women, you’ll be doing two things: a) making yourself approachable, and b) showing that you’re there to have fun and aren’t worried about what others think of you.

Couple touching and enjoying drinks7. Don’t Be Afraid to Touch

Pickup artists and seduction experts often refer to touching as “kino,” and encourage guys to engage in non-sexual touching whenever they’re around women as it’s a key strategy for those who don’t know how to talk to girls.
This is sound advice, especially because it also conveys confidence. If you’re self-confident enough to touch women without worrying about their response, you’re clearly demonstrating that you’re comfortable in their presence.
Of course, the type and frequency of touch are important to distinguish. You want to come across as suave and trustworthy, not creepy.

8. Use the Power of the Mind To Act Confident

All of the tips above focus on portraying a sense of confidence in various social situations. But if you want to truly build lasting self-confidence, regardless of what you’re doing or who you’re talking to, the real key is building genuine self-confidence.
Use the power of your mind to continually remind yourself…
“I am an alpha male and the ladies want me!”
By telling yourself this over and over, and envisioning positive social encounters with women, you’ll help slowly change your frame of mind and develop real, authentic confidence and self-esteem.
The eight tips above aren’t the only things you can do to convey self-confidence to women, but they’re definitely some of the best.
That’s it for now — if you would like to share some other tips on how to look and act confident, just use the comments section below.