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How To Pickup Girls — The Scientific Method

Picking up girls is a skill that all guys want to know (that is if you don’t swing the other way — not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course).
But there is very little in the way of scientifically proven, psychological methods that compel women to become sexually attracted to you.
There’s obviously a lot more to picking up girls than “dressing well, smelling nice, and being a gentleman.”
There’s a whole side to picking up girls that you can fully learn — a scientific process that you can control and manipulate.
And most guys have no idea that you can do this, let alone how to do it effectively.

Any Guy In the Know Can Attract Women

Like I said, there’s more to attraction than just aesthetics. I’m not going to go over the obvious stuff like showering, doing your hair, and wearing cologne, but I’m going to analyze “pickup” from more of a behavioral perspective.
Without getting too much into the theory of sexual attraction, I want you to ask yourself one question before we get into this juicy information:
I want you to ask yourself, what is the point of sex?  Is it to feel good? Is it to brag about your sexual escapades to your best buddies? While all of these answers may be valid, ultimately, attracting a mate is all about one thing: reproduction and survival.
Yes. Reproduction. It’s all about making babies. And even more specifically, it’s all about making healthy babies that have the best chance of survival. Do you think cavemen ever thought about the latest GQ trends? The best cologne? Pheromones?
That’s all just BS fluff designed to get you to spend money. If you want to really attract women, then you have to really study the core of what makes a man sexually attractive.
And what is the core of being sexually attracted to females?

It’s About Being A Man And Behaving Like One!

A lot of men don’t even realize this, but the foundation of sexual attraction is so simple that guys tend to overthink it. So in order to pick up beautiful women, you need to be a man. But what does it mean to be a man?
A pickup artist

1. It’s About Taking the Lead

Men are supposed to lead. In fact, you could say that men are born to lead. This isn’t meant to demean women at all – and in fact, women can lead just as well as men. However, we’re talking about what women find sexually attractive and being a good leader is part of that.
The being “charming” is all about being a good leader if you really think about it. Being a good leader means that you have the ability to persuade the masses and ultimately, make people like you and respect you. You can’t lead if you don’t command peoples’ attention. So yes, being funny, personable, and likable all fall in this category.
So be the one to decide where you’re going for dinner. Decide when you want to go. Decide what your plan is for the weekend. Don’t laze around saying, “you don’t know.”
Your date isn’t going to decide for you, and if she does, then it’s game over. And again, it’s not only about taking action and deciding, it’s all about being charming while you do it.

2. It’s About Your Body

No, I’m not talking about just your fitness level, I’m talking about body language. And women can read body language much better than men.
Essentially, you’re trying to convey to women that you’re a healthy, strong, independent man, and you can definitely send these little messages just by how you stand. That’s right! So when you’re trying to pick up a girl, stand up straight. Make sure your stance is strong. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your head square. If you’re sitting down and talking to a woman, sit back — do not lean forward and talk to her. You want to convey that you’re relaxed and calm — and at the same time, powerful (like a man!).
Hot girl lying down

3. Picking Up a Girl Is About Being the One Who “Selects” Her

You’re in control here — not her. You need to convey like you are the one selecting her and not the other way around.
A lot of guys will bang anything that walks and breathes — but not you, you are selective. You’re picky. You only bang the hottest chicks, and you need to convey this to her in a very subtle way.
Studies have shown that women are more sexually attracted to a man that has multiple women chasing him. This is called “pre-selection”.
If you successfully convey this to a woman, your chances of picking her up to go up dramatically.

4. Remove Yourself From the Outcome

You can’t care whether you pick up the chick in the end or not. The more you care, the more it will show, and the more a girl will be turned off by this. See, what “loser” guys do is they try too hard.
Women who are hot get hit on like that an average of 15 or 16 times a day. They’re just used to guys chasing them until they have to tell them to @*#! off or give them a wrong number.
So you need to stop caring whether you pick her up or not. The more you show this, the more she’ll be thinking, why doesn’t this guy want me? I have to fight for his attention now

5. Touch

If I could give any man one tip on how to be better with women, it would be this. Touching is one of the ways humans communicate.
And it’s one of the most important ways humans communicate. At the end of the day, everything comes down to touch — you can’t possibly have sex with a woman without touching her, can you? And masturbating doesn’t count, fellas.
A lot of pickup artists call this “kinosthetic” attraction, or “kino” for short. It’s the art of seduction through touch, and every guy in the world needs to learn it and master it.
So how does a guy pull this off without being labeled a creep or getting a sexual assault charge? In my method of pickup, I split the touching into three distinct phases.
There’s level one non-sexual touching — this is the type of touch you do when you’re merely just talking to a woman. For example, if you make her laugh, touch her elbow. It will help her associate your touch with a feeling of happiness.
The next two levels of kino begin to increase in intensity. Once a girl begins touching you back you can start holding your touch for an extra second. Then take your hand off her slowly. Are you following me here? The art of touch is actually so powerful that you could seduce a girl just by touching her.

6. Do Not Compliment Her

If you have any experience in the world of pickup, you probably know that when you first try and pickup a beautiful girl, you should avoid complimenting her.  In fact, you should do the complete opposite of what you think you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to “neg” the girl, or throw her an underhanded compliment. Here’s a couple examples of a classic negs:
“Where did you get that watch? Wal Mart?”
“Aw, your nose wiggles when you talk, that’s really cute.”
The goal here isn’t to outright insult a girl, it’s to make her feel “imperfect” around you and make her feel slightly insecure about herself. At that point, she’ll want to “fix” herself in your eyes and she won’t stop until you finally compliment her (which you won’t — yet).

7. Practice, Practice, Practice!

You won’t get better unless you constantly approach women.  And it helps to get real, proven advice.

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