Reader Question: How Can I Turn A Girl On Quickly?

I’ve been practicing picking up women out in public and I’ve been following Derek Lamont and Mark Belmont’s advice. It’s been working fantastically. However, I want to seduce women a lot faster. I’ve seen some pickup artists out there seduce women within minutes of meeting them.
How can I do the same?
Dennis Isaacson
Estacada, OR
Hey Dennis,
Great question. Thanks for sending this one in. And you’re welcome — there are a ton of other resources on this website on how to become a better “seductionist” that I’ll post below. Namely:
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Those are some great articles written by our staff and myself.
But now I hear that you’re trying to accelerate your seduction technique. This is something that only advanced pickup artists should know.

Bold and Witty

Remember, seducing a girl quickly doesn’t mean you can’t ignore the fundamental basics. You have to be bold. You have to be witty. You have to touch the girl. You have to close quickly.
If you really want to speed up your game, you can try something very bold and very forward like this:
Walk up to a girl then ask her three simple questions: “Do you think I’m attractive? Do you have a boyfriend?” And finally, here’s the question to finish her off: “What’s your excuse not to kiss me right now?”
If she doesn’t say anything at all, then kiss her. 
It’s bold, right? What’s the worst that can happen? Her saying no? Well, you didn’t lose much by just doing that — just maybe 10 seconds of your life.
You’ll be surprised at how well this tactic works. My very average-looking friend, Joey, who’s also a tad overweight (but pretty tall), did this continuously at a night club one night. He managed to get 10 numbers, 32 kisses, and a whole lot of infamy.
There are a multitude of ways to seduce women, but everything boils down to one thing: how fast you can kiss a girl.
You see, women aren’t like men. They don’t get turned on much by appearance (though, you do have to be at least presentable and clean), but they’re totally turned on by touch and by feel. The sooner you get a girl to agree to kiss you, then the sooner you are to taking her home and bedding her.
Good luck, gents!