Embracing the Single Life: 5 Tips on How to Be Alone and Happy

Bask in the glory of being single! Get to know yourself better and have the total freedom to do anything you want. Here’s how to live fully, love openly, and make a difference being single.
Woman jumping for joyWhether you just got out of a relationship or you’re single by choice, there are a lot of reasons why being single is an awesome idea.
Imagine that you see a happy couple walking together down the street … while you walk alone. How do you feel? If you feel envious, then it’s time to start changing how you view things.
Changing your perspective can make the difference between being completely happy with what you’ve got (yourself) and living a miserable life.
Jealousy, although a common human emotion, is negative … and nobody wants to be around negative people – not even your friends! So then the first step to being happy alone is to think positive thoughts so you can attract positivity into your life.
Think “Law of Attraction: Like Attracts Like.” Now, this may or may not have anything to do with getting into another relationship, but this sort of positive mindset has many other benefits.
Here are some more tips in how to make the most out of your single status:

1. Enjoy the Newfound Freedom

I mean really enjoy it. Being single can let you live the way how you want to without putting up with anyone’s restrictions. You can be spontaneous and join a last-minute road trip or do whatever you want to without having to explain to anyone.
Just because you don’t have a partner doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a trip or two with friends! Besides, being free means you can always flirt with anyone you like without having to feel guilty afterwards.

2. A Call to Love Yourself First

If you love yourself, you’ll know better than to settle for anything less; this includes toxic relationships which no longer serves you.
Being single lets you know yourself more, hence, it will make you realize who your ideal partner is and what qualities you’re looking for in a partner.
It moulds you to become a better person – we always learn from relationships if we just take the time — and in essence, become the right person for someone worthy of your attention and love.

3. Commit to Self-Improvement

A breakup may make you think something’s wrong with you, but although you accepted the role you played in the demise of the relationship, understand that it’s never entirely your fault. Now’s the time to learn from the mistakes you made and take active steps in correcting it.
Were you too jealous or too clingy? Read some self-help books to understand its root cause and specifically what triggers it. Got a bad habit you want to get rid of? Kick it for good.

4. Do Good Deeds

A charity bucket
Instead of stalking your ex online, make your time more productive by searching online for a local charity, club or organisation with a specific goal.
A recent journal published showed that people who contributed something for a good cause had played a key role in making these “givers” happy. Seeing someone smile because of something you do is priceless!

5. Reprioritize Your Life

Being single is a great time to rethink your priorities and focus on what you really want to achieve! Nothing can make you feel as powerful as having personal goals and seeing them come to life through your own actions.
As a side note, remember that being alone is way better than being in a relationship that drains you of your energy. A romantic relationship should be like a bonus in your life.
And yes, this goes to say that you have to find happiness within yourself and share that happiness with someone else … instead of expecting someone to make you happy and fulfil your needs.