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3 Ways to Build a Deeper Relationship Bond With Your Partner

  Although it’s always a good time to build a deeper bond with your partner or spouse, I am most often asked this sort of question when people are in trouble. Their relationship is rocky, their marriage is mediocre, they’re scared and scrambling to fix things. Better to build connections to your partner all the time, rather than only when you’re in trouble. Otherwise you risk that old cliché about closing the barn door after the horse has already run away. The good news is that there are many fantastic ways to build a  deeper bond  with your partner! Some are small things you can do every day, while others are grander gestures that require some more effort. Choose some of each, like you’re picking food at a buffet. A quick caveat about sex.  Don’t confuse intimacy and sex, because they aren’t always the same . In fact, sex can actually be a  barrier to intimacy . If greater intimacy is your goal, focus more on intimacy that just on sex. Too many people get lazy and think having sex is

Jealousy: How Much Is Enough to Send Your Relationship to Splitsville?

  Jealousy is without doubt one of the most powerful and deadly human emotions, and it can wreck a relationship faster than nearly anything else. If you doubt me, dust off your old copy of “Othello” and read it again. But we get mixed messages from our culture, from Hollywood and the Romance Industry, about jealousy. How many times in soap operas does one partner pretend to be interested in another person to make their lover jealous? In movies and on TV this is a popular way to rekindle the romantic flame in a relationship. Of course, I don’t need to tell you that not everything you see on TV and the silver screen is true! Remember, what producers and directors decide to put on the screen is not meant as a realistic guide to living your life – it’s meant as entertainment. The mundane lives of ordinary, unheroic individuals aren’t usually extreme enough to make the cut. Still, is a little jealousy a good thing?  How much? And how much is a bad thing? How much will eventually destroy you


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